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EVANS Waterless Engine Coolants ®

Some information on engine coolant for Classic and Vintage cars;

Most modern antifreeze products are formulated with Organic Acid Technology (OAT, NOAT or HOAT) which attacks various components in old cars, for example lead based products like the radiator tanks in pre-war cars, which is often soldered together, and lead bushes in water pumps. It also attacks silicone compounds, and the most commonly used base compound for gasket sealants is silicon. The obvious result is major leaks, and owners of classic and vintage cars have already reported having this experience.

EVANS Waterless Coolants are suitable for Classic and Vintage cars
  • Prevents engine internal corrosion
  • Prevents hot spots and overheating
  • Eliminates electrolysis
  • Boils at 190°c
  • Freezing point below 40°c
  • Stop cylinder liner cavitation
  • Eliminates after-boil 
  • Reduce system pressure dramatically
  • Non-toxic & Eco friendly

We supply EVANS Waterless Coolants and provide the classic and vintage car owner with detailed instructions on how to install the coolant. We will also test a sample of your coolant once installed to ensure that the percentage of water left in the system is below the recommended levels. Or, if you prefer, one of our approved conversion centers can do the installation for you.
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